In November 1999 the clubs founder member, Paul Player, bought a 24V Ford Probe  and was disappointed to find that the Probe was not supported by an owners  club in the UK. There also seemed to be very little in the way of after-market  support and so he decided to create a web site and the Ford Probe Owners Club  (UK).

In July 2001, with a membership of over 300, Paul decided to hand some of his  responsibilities over to various members of the club.

The club and its web site steadily became  very well known as a valuable resource of information. Through bitter experience, the majority  of Probe owners will tell you that main dealer support is at best, poor. That  is why it is important for us to share our knowledge so that we can keep these  fantastic cars on the road and looking great!

These days there exists a number of car clubs based in the UK who are dedicated to the Ford Probe and this of course is good news for all owners and enthusiasts.

We attend shows throughout the  year along side other car clubs, and members and enthusiasts also arrange local meets in their own areas. These meets are  great fun. They’re a fantastic way to meet new friends who share the same passion for their cars, share ideas, and learn much more about your Ford Probe. The Probe still remains a head turner, but to see 15 Ford Probes in convoy is something  else!

The Ford Probe Owners Club exists for like minded people to share their interest in the Ford Probe, arrange  meetings, swap ideas and technical information and socialise generally.

A brief history of the club  

The Ford Probe Owners Club

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